The Physical Education College of Jilin University was founded in 2001. Up to now, the College has been cherishing the aspiration of providing “first-class physical education in a first-class college of a first-class university” and has been upholding the value of “literacy, strength, morality, benevolence, scholarship, and innovation”. Centered around the fundamental task of “strengthening moral education and cultivating talents”, the College is committed to nurture innovative, inter-disciplinary talents by fully leveraging the advantages of JLU as a world-class university with world-class disciplines. In 2015, the College has established a high-level talent training system integrating bachelor, master and doctoral education. Apart from developing majors and discipline relevant to physical education, the College also undertakes the tasks of teaching public sports courses, organizing extracurricular mass sports activities, conducting physical health tests for college students, and providing management services for sports venues and facilities.

The College has a team of outstanding teachers. Currently there are 175 full-time teachers, including 21 professors and 76 associate professors. Among them there is one supervisor of doctoral students and 26 supervisors of postgraduate students. To now, 18 teachers have obtained the doctoral degree, eight are studying for their doctorate, and three are doctoral returnees from overseas universities. Currently we have a doctoral program in Sports Sociology outside the Specialty Catalogue of Higher Institutions issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE), a master’s program in the first-level discipline of Science of Physical Culture and Sports, a professional degree program of Master of Physical Education (MPE), and two undergraduate programs, namely, Social Sports Guidance and Management and Sports Training. The College attaches great importance to the construction of high-level sports teams and has made remarkable achievements in competitive sports. The students have delivered excellent results in the Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Championships and top-level domestic competitions.

Adhering to the scientific research philosophy of “encouraging innovation with distinct characteristics, keeping pace with the times, and seeking truth from facts”, the College has been continuously strengthening its scientific research to produce more outstanding outcomes. We are now undertaking eight national social science fund projects, two humanities and social science research projects and one education science planning project of MOE. We have published 94 CSSCI papers, 20 SSCI papers, 108 textbooks of all kinds, 21 monographs, one translated book, and obtained three patents. The College has gained approval to establish the National Youth Health Research Base in 2012 and the “Sports Culture Research Base of the Sports Culture Development Center under the General Administration of Sports of China”.

All kinds of venues of the College are well equipped. The existing indoor and outdoor sports venues cover 230,499 square meters. We have cutting-edge teaching and research equipment. Under the Experiment Center, we have five laboratories, including of human anatomy (sports anatomy), human physiology (sports physiology), physical health care, sports biomechanics, and sports psychology.

Foreign exchanges and cooperation is emphasized in the College. Apart from maintaining good relations with many universities in the United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, etc., we have invited professors from Tohoku University, Kyoto University, Tottori University, Waseda University and Miyagi University as well as well-known domestic professors and scholars to give lectures in the College. In turn, our teachers have also been to the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Japan and other countries to carry out traditional ethnic sports teaching and research on sports.

Talents Training