Current Leadership



Qiu Peng



Position: Dean                                                     

Responsibility: General administration

Office: Room 217, Stadium




Pang Jincai


Position: Party Secretary                                                           

Responsibility: Overall management of Party Committee                                                  

Office: Room 215, Stadium                                                      



Tian Jin                                                                    


Position: Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Dean, Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection                                        

Responsibility: Ideological and political education and administration, discipline inspection                             

Office: Room 101, Stadium  




Zhou Xiaoyu                                                                     


Position: Deputy Dean                                                          

Responsibility: Administration, assets, security, Labor Union assistance for the Dean in managing financial affairs                     

Office: Room 203, Stadium                                                   






Li Tingkui                                                                        


Position: Deputy Dean                                                                   

Responsibility: Foreign affairs, students’ training, sports competitions                             

Office: Room 211, Stadium                                                             







Diao Zhendong                                                                           


Position: Deputy Dean                                                                     

Responsibility: Graduate affairs,  discipline construction                                           

Office: Room 211, Stadium                                                           






Tong Qiang


Position: Deputy Dean

Responsibility: Scientific research, major courses teaching

Office: Room 223, Stadium









Wang Xiangquan


Position: Deputy Dean

Responsibility: Sunshine sports, students physical health testing,
             public courses teaching

Office: Room 223, Stadium




Talents Training