(I) Main Goal

Committed to the aspiration of “providing the first-class physical education in a world-class university”, the College is supported by the all-around advantages of Jilin University (JLU). It prioritizes scientific research of the sports discipline, underscores teaching practices, and features competitive sports. In 2020, the college has witnessed coordinated development between different disciplines, professional training with distinct characteristics, high-level performance in competitive sports, and enhanced capabilities in cultural progress and community service. The comprehensive strength of the College steadily ranks in the forefront among colleges of its kind nationwide.  

(II) College Orientation

With the goal offostering new ethos and building a high-level college”, the College has been upholding the value of literacy, strength, morality, benevolence, scholarship, and innovation. Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development and to cultivate high-quality talents, the College will further break shackles on the mind, strive for innovation, and develop scientifically, to build high-level teaching- and research-oriented college of sports with prominent features and distinct advantages.

1.Goal of development

By the end of 2020, the College will become a first-class college of sports in China with distinct educational features, outstanding competitive performance, fruitful research achievements, and outstanding service functions.

2.Type of education

A teaching-oriented college of sports integrating teaching, training, and scientific research.

3.Level of education

With undergraduate education as its main body, the College will actively develop postgraduate education, and initiate doctoral programs.

4.Disciplinary construction

While strengthening physical education, the College will also explore related disciplines, and take advantage of the comprehensive strength of JLU to promote interdisciplinary development and coordination among multiple disciplines.

5.Service orientation

Based on Jilin Province, the College will serve the whole country and make contributions to realizing the national strategic goal of sports and promote the development of mass sports in China.

                                                                                           May 22, 2015


Talents Training